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New Patients at Select Chiropractic

Welcome to Our Space!

We’re excited you decided to come to Select Chiropractic for your healthcare needs. Upon entry, you’ll receive a warm welcome from our friendly staff. They will give you a tour of the office and make sure you’re comfortable.

We’re invested in you because we care about you, your health, and your wellness. We want you to know and feel you’ve come to the right place for care.

If you haven’t completed the online registration prior to your visit, our staff will ensure all is in order before your consultation.

Your Customised Care Plan

Your second appointment is typically scheduled for the next day. At this time, your doctor will do a Report of Findings, including a review of the examination results. They’ll discuss the history of your problem and any possible causes.

After doing postural scans, it will be decided whether we can improve your health. Keep in mind that chiropractic does not cure any condition. Our focus is on finding where your problem is and helping reduce your pain and discomfort, so your body can heal.

Schedule an Appointment

Contact us to book an appointment and see what a difference chiropractic care may make in your life. Relief from pain is possible; book today!


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